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about storybuilders

Story Builders are clever little building toys featuring colorful images that interlock several different ways. These toys are used for games of story telling, role playing, puzzle solving and more!

Story Builders work with themselves and with the toys you already have. This includes the building toy bricks you already know and love.

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The StoryBuilders Mission & Vision

Our mission is to produce games and toys that are fun, challenging, unique, and beneficial. We believe that gaming is for everybody no matter how young, or old, or serious, or curious. The power of play is important for everyone at every stage of life.

A quick Word

From Our Creator

“A lot of love and passion has been put into Story Builders from several different angles. It’s been a long and trying journey. But I can’t wait for the fruits of our hard work be in the hands, and hearts, and imaginations of people all over the world. I can’t wait for people to build their stories.”

Thank you for your support.

– Sarah, the Storysmith

A Pawns Perspective - Preview


Watch & enjoy this comprehensive overview from Rob Kalajian, former Contributor & Editor of Purple Pawn! We appreciate the time he put into this video – if you want to know more this is the best video to start with!

Settler of the Boards - Review

We’re Off On a Hero’s Journey! Or perhaps a Saga of the Questing variety…hmmm. Either way, we’re off on a fun time with Story Builders! A creativity inducing game for the young gamers in your life, Story Builders is bound to be a hit with families! Let’s check it out!

Logan Chops Reviews


This quick review video is a fun, and exciting new direction for Logan Chops! See what he has to say about the Story Builders game system as he showcases Questing Saga!

Board Game Quest - Preview

Building sagas, following quest chains, telling tales of your adventures – Story Builders is a game system for storytellers. Using interconnecting tokens, players will weave the tapestry of their journey, whether it’s overcoming challenges or creating an epic.


Our Upcoming Events & Activities


First Previews for Story Builders are LIVE!

The previews are rolling in as we speak.  Check out what people are saying about Story Builders!



Story Builders premiers at the New York Toy Fair!

There’s no turning back now.  Story Builders is offically annouced to the world!



Kickstarter Launch Party

Join us in the hour leading up to our Kickstarter launch for fun/games/giveaways LIVE! See you there! 



Kickstarter Q&A # 1

Questions about how Kickstarter works, what the different rewards are, or anything else?



“Ask Me Anything” with the Creators of StoryBuilders

Come to Reddit and get the answers to every question you can think of for us or for Story Builders.



More events and fun coming your way


more about storybuilders

Frequently Asked Questions

Story Builders are specially engineered to work with themselves and work with most major other toy brands.

What Are StoryBuilders?

Story Builders are small discs featuring colorful images that interlock several different ways. By linking images together you can create a narrative that can used for tabletop games, role playing games, and even open play.

Story Builders work with themselves and with the toys you already have. This includes the building toy bricks you already know and love.

Why Kickstarter?

We can't make Story Builders a reality without you! We need the funds to handle production, logistics, and for toy safety testing and certification. That's where you come in. By pledging support for our Kickstarter campaign, you help bring Story Builders to life and of course, get yourself Story Builders for a lot less than we would have to charge in normal retail distribution. Join the story of Story Builders!

About the Creators

Two parents in the heartland of the USA. Bringing up their children they have learned a lot of the ups and downs of parenthood and love every minute of it.
One is a teacher that has worked from preschool to 10th grade, used sign language to educate deaf children, and has masters in special education.
The other is a computer engineer and has dabbled into just about every technical area there is.
Combining their craftiness and inventiveness has been a perfect union of creativity. Story Builders represents years of expertise in product design and years of expertise in children development, all in one.


Making a completely new product is no small feat. But we've been working towards this for years. Through exhaustive research and by joining with industry professionals, we not only have the resources to make Story Builders are reality, we also have the assets to help us through any problems that may arise.



News & Announcements

Regroup & Reboot – Initial Kickstarter Cancelled

Regroup & Reboot – Initial Kickstarter Cancelled

Build Your World. Build Your Story.REGROUP & REBOOT Hello, Backers and Friends!  We have decided to cancel our initial Kickstarter campaign.  We are going to take some time, work with our feedback, and change how best to represent Story Builders moving forward....

Kickstarter Update Three: Focus On Toys-to-Life & Letter Line

Kickstarter Update Three: Focus On Toys-to-Life & Letter Line

Build Your World. Build Your Story.WE ARE LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!Hello Backers!       It's that time again!   Real quick: another big thank you to all of our backers.  The messages we have been receiving have been wonderful, encouraging, and downright...


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