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A Pawns Perspective


Watch & enjoy this comprehensive overview from Rob Kalajian, former Contributor & Editor of Purple Pawn! We appreciate the time he put into this video!

If you want to know more about Story Builders, this is the best video to start with! Enjoy!

Logan chops review


This quick review video is a fun, and exciting new direction for Logan Chops! You don’t want to miss this 3-minute video!

See what Logan Chops has to say about the Story Builders game system as he showcases Questing Saga!

Settler of the boards

We’re Off On a Hero’s Journey! Or perhaps a Saga of the Questing variety…hmmm.

Either way, we’re off on a fun time with Story Builders! A creativity-inducing game for the young gamers in your life, Story Builders is bound to be a hit with families!

Let’s check it out! 

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“The overall system with the pieces is really neat and unique… I’m definitely excited to see the final product and see how great these little toys can be.”

Steph Elizondo

Settler of the Boards

“It’s pretty fun … I love these little toys, I can’t wait to see what the final production looks like.”

Rob Kalajian

A Pawn's Perspective

“It’s fun for the whole family!”

Joshua Burall

Logan Chops Reviews


Story Builders




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