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Hello Backers!


First things first, thank you all, for you support and kind words!  Thank you for your belief in this wonderful idea of ours, and thank you for sharing, backing, and joining us on this journey!

Okay, every now and then we’ll use an update to zoom in closer to certain aspects of the Story Builders world of products. 

This time it’s LockWood. 

LockWood is one of the Story Builders sets that combines elements of the stories of Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood!

So, don your favorite hat!

and, grab your trusted weapon!

You’re off on an adventure! Are you going to solve a crime? Or commit one?

Relax with some music, or show off with target practice?

Maybe that isn’t actually Sherlock’s hat?  Maybe it’s really an oven mitt for making spells in a cauldron!

But that cauldron is from the Wizard of Oz set!  Of course, mixing different worlds together let’s your stories go wherever you want them to go!


Speaking of stories going wherever you want them to go.  Let’s take a look at a new way to play a classic story telling game with…


Story Tree

Surely you know a classic way to play an ever-growing story, where each person adds an element to the end of story.  But with Story Builders, you can make the story grow any which way you want, not just in a straight line!  When it’s your turn to add to the story in Story Tree, you can add to any section you want.  You could add that element to the end, go back to beginning, or start a brand new branch.  Watch as your story grows in all sorts of directions – making a tree as you go!  You don’t need any specific game box or set of Story Builders to play Story Tree, just grab a bunch of random Story Builders and take turns growing your tree and growing your story!

Thank you again, for your support! Stay tuned for more updates to come from the Story Builders team!

Back the Kickstarter campaign today, and let’s tell some stories together!



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