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Hello Backers!




Thank you again, for your support! Stay tuned for more updates to come from the Story Builders team!


It’s time again to look closer at some of the Story Builders line! 


We’re off to Pirate Isle!


Pirate Isle is one of the Story Builders sets that combines elements of the stories of Peter Pan and Treasure Island!




Let’s set sail for the island with buried treasure




Bring your most-trusted, flying friend.




Look for treasure, “X” marks the spot!



What’s this in the chest?  It’s the holy grail from the Camelot set!  How did that get here?  You had deduced this island might have pirates, but now you better watch out for knights too!



Speaking of deducing, let’s take a look at another game you can play with a handful of random Story Builders.


Evidence Detective


For two players take the Story Builders and split them into two groups, one for each player.  You secretly select one of the Story Builders to be your evidence.  The other player does the same with theirs.  Now, take turns asking yes or no questions, trying to be the first to figure out your opponent’s evidence.



Is it food? No.  Then move aside all the food Story Builders, now you have less to pick from.


Is is made of fabric?  Yes.  Get rid of the ones that aren’t fabric.


Keep going, you almost got it.  Good job Detective!  You’re finding the evidence!




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